Magical World of Dancing Horses Dinner Show. Finale Act “The Fantasy of Silks”

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Magical World of Dancing Horses Dinner Show. Finale Act “The Fantasy of Silks”

This is the Finale act of the Magical World of Dancing Horses in 2018. Our home base is at the Beaver Run Equestrian Dance Theatre located in Punxsutawney Pa. Our shows consist of up to 20 acts over a 2 hour period. Come into our world and experience an evening of Dining and Fantasy!
Aug 16-17, 2019

Tickets will go on sale in mid-June, 2019 MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING HORSES
Dinner Show at Beaver Run Equestrian Dance Theatre, Punxsutawney, Pa

It’s lights, camera, action! And like no other horse event you’ve ever seen. It’s all costumed, choreographed to the exact timing of the music and most of all Dianne Olds Rossi imagination.
Two back to back Performances Aug 16-17. You don’t want to miss it! TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE IN MID-JUNE!! at —>

Bio of DIANNE OLDS ROSSI……(Producer of Magical World of Dancing Horses)

Her Love of Horses Translates into a Moving Work of Art
The golden stallion explodes into the arena… free as he was born ….hooves pounding against the ground as the music begins to play….sparkles of light glittering around him, the spotlights surrounding him as he stands up on his hind legs his front legs striking the air then he gracefully lowers to the ground to stand quietly. He shakes his head his mane flowing over his forehead then lowers his head for acceptance from his handler. This dancing, prancing and magical equine star is classically trained….hard work and practice have paid off and he is just one of the magical 4-legged stars you will see in this unique night of entertainment called The Magical World of Dancing Horses.
Surprisingly this production is produced by a woman 80 years young and a craftsman in her chosen profession of horse training. Horse training is a simple word for the creative and imaginative presenter Dianne Olds Rossi who never tires of the thrill of the spotlights, music and showcasing the final result of years of training. The horses are her life and each and everyone is a special piece of art and she is recognized for her expertise of these astounding dancing horses, a life long achievement in the world of horses.
Dianne was an American girl growing up in Southern California on the visions of television escapades of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Hopalong Cassidy. This the era of good versus bad and the cowboy in the white hat always wins. Through the magic of horses, Dianne has traveled the world, shown across the United States, Netherlands, Egypt, Mexico, and Canada. Her career has run for decades and continues to expand even into her senior years.
The introduction into the world of Hollywood came to life and became quite personal when she met Rex Rossi in 1980. Rossi was a World Champion trick rider and trick roper as well as a stunt man in Hollywood westerns. Although Rex was 20 years her senior Dianne was introduced and personally met the hero stars of her childhood. Rex doubled for Roy Rogers, Gene Kelly, Tyrone Power and was a personal friend of Gene Autry (Rex’s white saddle still displays in the Gene Autry Museum). An incredible horseman with a wealth of knowledge on our heroes of the American West and being raised by the famous movie star Tom Mix; Rex’s influence introduced Dianne into the world of Hollywood movies and their stars. Dianne met Robert Taylor while he was taking lessons for the movie The Miracle of the White Stallions the Disney Movie about the Lipizzan horses. She did many appearances for commercials and doubling riding for stars but her love of training took her elsewhere.
A very proud moment was the handshake from Dr. Rheinhart Kinkie the 1984 Olympic Dressage Champion after a performance on her Friesian stallion. Dianne is well known for her expertise for Piaffe and Passage “the goal to strive” for in Classical Dressage.
America’s romance with the horse invokes both European classical foundations and western mythology unique to this country. As heiress to both Dianne Olds Rossi rides and performs in a spotlight reserved for few others in today’s world. Her passion for this training she calls The Magical World of Dancing Horses.
Still at the age of 80 Dianne rides and trains 5 horses a day…. instructs those that are riding and handles all the production of the show. Her partner Pam Buterbaugh is a 53-year-old rider/trainer at the home farm of Beaver Run in Punxsutawney, PA it is definitely a senior achievement. Once a year the farm indoor arena is transformed into the Beaver Run Equine Dance Theater complete with curtains covering the wooden walls, twinkling lights on the ceiling, spotlights, and sound system mounted upstairs all that change the arena into a magical event… This is the backbone of an entertainment dinner theater that opens it’s doors to a sell-out crowd for two days a year.
Dianne holds special riding clinics to help support the senior citizen riding community. She spreads her belief in all the clinics:
“I am a senior citizen and understand the needs and concerns of an older rider. Having horses require daily that I get off the couch and work and that has never varied for me throughout the years. Most people are surprised that I am still riding, instructing, traveling and training and not retired at this stage of my life. For me that is not an option, for my drive to succeed is as strong as it ever was and just has taken on a different path. I think smarter, I no longer think I can ride any horse that crosses my path and I respect the intelligence and kindness of the large animal between my legs. I am continuing to be amazed at the respect I have gained for the equine species, he has taught me so much about myself. Now that I am a senior citizen I find that I conduct myself more carefully around the horses, I think more what I am doing…. safely or easier…it is self-preservation. My feet don’t move as fast as they use to but I have found that with more gentle training I do not need that feeling of “feet don’t fail me now.”
I have, like a lot of older people, had my setbacks. Although given the genes of long-lived parents I have always been healthy and a happy easy going individual. I have had a shattered wrist from a stumble and a hip replacement because I wore the old one out. I couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle even when the therapist suggested I take on a different line of work. I rode with my right hand up in the air until such time as I could use my wrist again and I hopped on my horse 5 weeks after hip surgery using a three tied mounting block. That mounting block is my best friend now.
So I say to you, nothing is impossible if you have the willingness to try. Now that this time your life is quieter carry on that dream of riding that magnificent horse and having fun, it matters to no one but you and the achievement you will find. Soon you will be riding for fun and enjoying your new found freedom and into the wonderful world of horses. “
There is much for us to learn from those horsewomen and horsemen who carry the knowledge and wisdom of the American past through experiences rarely offered in today’s world of horses. This combination of classical training, show competition, performance exhibition, and her unique perspective on the mythology of the American West give to Dianne Olds Rossi a revered place in American equestrian history.
I have not yet ridden …
The Last Dance….
The last waltz ……
Be sure and buy your tickets early. Every past show has sold out. Come into our World for an evening of Dining and Fantasy. Beaver Run Equestrian Dance Theatre.
3460 Rt 410 Punxsutawney Pa. 15767
Contact Pam Buterbaugh 814-246-8221 or
Facebook/Pam Buterbaugh
Order Tickets on:

MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING HORSES will be performing at a brand new EXPO in Va.
—–> Nov 14 – 16, 2019 the Shenandoah Valley Equine Fair, held at the Augusta Expo Center in Fishersville Virginia. This is a BRAND NEW Horse Expo! Lots of great Clinicians including Dianne Olds Rossi. We are very happy to announce that they have asked Dianne to produce their Equestrian Musical Show held Saturday night on the 16th of Nov under our name Magical World of Dancing Horses. We will be hauling our whole crew down plus some of the clinicians will be performing along with some additional acts.
Come on down and support this new Expo.

Their website is
** –> Keep watching their website as it gets closer there will be lots more details posted.

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