It Wasn’t Hugo Boss

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

It Wasn’t Hugo Boss

Video Provided By:  Black Fox Farm, NJ

Hugo Boss is a 13.3 Welsh x pony. Very talented jumper – super fast and zippy around the turns! Available for partial or full on-site lease at The Black Fox Farm in Pennington NJ. Call Kristin Taylor at (609)273-4826 with questions or for more information! —————————————-­—————————————-­– Trainer came in and she caught me red handed Opening the feed room door Picture this, I was standing there with pellets all around the floor How could I forget she had a new student at 3? All this time I was sneakin’ round the horses didn’t warn me! Caught me poopin on the crossties (wasn’t me) Saw me pickin on the horses (wasn’t me) I even ripped up my new blanket (wasn’t me) And then I rolled after she bathed me (wasn’t me) She caught me sneakin out the stall door (wasn’t me) Then I ripped out all my show braids (wasn’t me) And I was just a little girthy (wasn’t me) And then I nipped her in the booty (wasn’t me) Morgyn came in and she put on my tack So I thought we’d jump 3’4″ Then I saw the lead-liner walk in Trot lessons are such a chore How could I forget that I am only 13.3 All this time I was dreaming I should really be in the Grand Prix Gonna tell her that I’m sorry for the mess that I caused If I give her lots of love maybe she’ll stop being cross Gonna tell her that I’m sorry that I have a few flaws Hope I’m still her favorite pony and I’m still called “the boss”

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