The Favorite Horses and Jockeys of 2013

The Favorite Horses and Jockeys of 2013

It has been rightly said that in horse-racing, horses are the true stars. However, the jockey is as important as the horse. A bad jockey can make a good horse lose, while a good jockey can make an average horse win. Though a bet on a horse race is placed on a horse, the jockey plays an equally crucial role in a race. 

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There are several upcoming races this month as the competition calendar looks pretty busy; which would probably make the people at the National Thoroughbred Racing Association as well as horse racing fans and enthusiasts excited. Race bettors are now looking at the horses that are likely to come out victorious in these. Here is a list of the favorite horses that are expected to continue with their winning streak this year: 

Bern Identity – Though he has participated in just two races till now, he won the first one and was placed well in the second race. The Bern Identity is one quick horse with oodles of stamina, and has impressed both experts and fans with its capability. 

Powerful – True to its name, this horse has a good pedigree, and has all the skills and tools to come out in flying colours in the racing circuit this year. A horse to keep out an eye for, he has excelled in the races he participated in last year. 

Tiz Tebow Time – One of the fastest horses in the age group, Tiz Tebow Time is another major contender and has emerged as one of the favorites after his successful antics last year. 

I’m Boundtoscore – Though quite fresh in the racing course, this horse has just one thing not working in its favour and that is his stamina. However, he won the Keeneland race with a great margin, making him a favorite among fans and critics. 

Amarish – Certainly, one of the best horses in the circuit currently, Amarish has been in just one race till now and won that one by a magnificent seven and three quarter lengths. An early favorite to topple others in the big races to take place this year, Amarish needs to prove his consistency and stamina. 

As these horses vie for the coveted titles, San Francisco is trotting hundreds of this symbolic animal through its ‘Horses Across the Valley’ project, with the aim to bring back art and culture in the valley. 

When it comes to thoroughbred racing though, a good jockey is as critical to win a race as a good horse. Here are the most popular jockeys that are predicted to rule the racing scenes this year. 

Rafael Bejarano from Peru – All of 29, he immigrated to the US in 2002 and has been racing since then. In 2004, he won the title of the most wins by a jockey and ever since, has been one of the top 10 jockeys in the western horse racing circuit. With as many as three Breeders’ cups up his sleeve, he rode Bodemeister and Secret Circle, and would be riding Todd Pletcher’s El Padrino in Derby this year. (Article)

Julien R. Leparoux from France – Having been in the field since 2005, Leparoux has won several titles, including five Breeders’ cups and an Eclipse Award for the Best Jockey in 2006. He is also the second jockey, next only to Garret Gomez, to have won three Breeders’ cups in the same year in 2009. Contending with Union Rags this year, he is one of the most popular jockey in the course currently. 

Calvin H. Borel from LA – Having been horse racing since 1987, Borel is almost a permanent jockey in the Kentucky circuit. A fearless and smart jockey, he has several feathers in his cap that include the Preakness Stakes and three Kentucky Derby races. Known to be on top of every game, he is another jockey to watch out for in 2013. 

Ramon A. Dominguez from Venezuela – Ramon has been in the US horse racing scenes since 2006 and has been topping the earnings lists as well as, winning the Eclipse award for the best jockey for the last two years. One of the most sought after jockeys in the USA, Ramon has two Breeders’ cups to boast of. 

Garret K. Gomez from USA – Gomez has been riding since 1988 and is certainly the most popular in the list. He has won a stunning total of 12 Breeders’ cups and has also tasted victory in several important stakes races held internationally. Having won the Eclipse award for the best jockey for two consecutive years, Gomez certainly has a lot riding on him every time he enters the tracks. 

Apart from the races, another event to watch out for is the dressage. As horses and jockeys skillfully move to music as their performance is rated on their precision, execution and rhythm, this is similar to a ballet of horses. A delight for the audience, this is one part of the racing event where fervour and excitement of a race give way to the beats of music, with next-to-perfect choreography. As the races for this year begin, be sure to witness a lot both on and off the racing tracks.