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Know Your Withers To Find The Best Saddle

Well-conformed withers might not necessarily be a performance factor, but their shape and position may affect whether or not a horse gives a comfortable ride. Ideally, they should be well defined, but without being exaggeratedly high. Another desirable attribute is, withers that are well laid back, which means they extend behind the elbow. This allows […]

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Get Answers to Questions about Equine Insurance?

An interview with Beverly A. Smith of Smith-Embry Insurance Associates, Inc. Smith-Embry Insurance Associates Inc., was founded in 1991 and is dedicated to the insurance needs of the equine industry. As an independent insurance agency, Smith-Embry has access to many equine insurance markets enabling us to do the shopping for you.  We make sure we […]

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Rules of a Racing Diva: #5

Rules of a Racing Diva #5 Click Here for More Rules from Diva From:  Off The Pace Horse Racing Cartoon

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