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Horse races to be dope tested in U.K.

The integrity of horse racing will be challenged as the announcement that doping tests will be used at all major races in the United Kingdom. Horse racing officials hope to improve the integrity and honesty of the sport by adding the measure. According to the British Horse racing Authority, the policy, which began on September […]

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Why feed Flax?

Why feed Flax? The reasons are many, excellent digestive qualities, natural anti-inflammatory, beneficial for young and older horses, coat and hoof shine and strength, sweet itch relief, brain and eye health, immune system boost, visit our website for testimonials, its simple to feed, keeps well, inexpensive per day and the results are there, we sell […]

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Horse Racing: How to Choose Your Favorite

Horse betting is very popular, especially in the UK, and it also started to cover a lot of ground in other countries. But, perhaps, the main reason that keeps bettors away from this kind of racing is the lack of know-how when it comes to choosing the right horse. This article won’t make you a […]

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