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How to Bet on a Horse Race

Horse racing enthusiasts, like Vegas Casino Games players, experience both successes and defeats. Despite the ups and downs of horse race betting, betting on a horse race is more popular than ever. Observers calculate that it generates a worldwide market that’s worth over a hundred billion dollars. Some bettors make an informed choice based on […]

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Exploring the history of horse racing

Horse racing is an ancient sport. Its origins date back to about 4500 BC among the Central Asian nomadic tribesmen.Since that time, horse racing has flourished as the sport of kings. In this modern time, horse race betting is one of the few forms of gambling that is legal throughout most of the countries around the […]

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123bet.com –  The Home of 123racing Pick6 Handicapping Contest Style Wagering 123bet.com is a US licensed and regulated live horse racing betting website, complete with live horse racing video streaming for thoroughbred, quarter-horse and harness racing across hundreds of racetracks and raceways in the US, and around the world. As well as your traditional handicapping […]

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