How To Bring Up the Winner: Secrets Of Best-Racing Horses

Preparing a horse for racing is not an easy task, even if you have the best possible bread. In order to have a winning horse, just like it goes with human athletes, you need to be consistent in training and make sure the horse is in the best shape at race time. For that, there are specialized trainers and specific training programs customized for each horse in order for them to give everything on race day. Let’s have a look at 5 factors that influence the way a horse is ready for racing.

The preparation of a horse for training must be done with care because overdoing it will lead to the tiring of the horse before race day and under-training it will most surely lead to injuries during the event. Such injuries are very serious because they can keep the horse away from racing for months in a row and that translates in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

Although it may seem weird that the horses are massaged and pampered at such extent, this is really useful in order to prevent cramps or strains during the race. Such careful treatment is absolutely necessary in order to give that horse all the chances at winning the race.

Even though the trainer is the one that decides on training and nutrition plans, it’s all up to the groomers to make sure that the horse nutrition is applied according to the plan. It’s their responsibility to make sure that all the nutritional supplements and inoculations are properly administrated to the horse. There are special formulas specifically designed to be easy for digestion and storing of energy, usually fats, vitamins, minerals and fermentable fiber.

Besides a good training schedule, a proper massage and the best nutrition plan, the keys in having a winning horse stays in its shoes. Once again, the groomers are the ones responsible for making sure the horse is shoed properly and that the horse is comfortable with the fitted shoes.

Medical attention
Even though training goes according to plan and the horse is eating properly and everything seems alright. In order to make sure it’s 100% ready for racing a complete medical check-up is necessary. Things like checking their heartbeat, breathing and other factors that may indicate illness or any other sign of the horse not being ready for the race.

Just for the Craic – Possibly a New Star
Now, that we know how a horse is prepared for its racing career and race day, let’s take a look at one possible rising star from the horseracing world. And we’ll be focusing on Just for the Craic, a racing horse from Ireland that will compete next Monday, on the 16th of October at the Windsor race track in a Class 5 competition where only 2-year-old horses are allowed.

According to experts, Just for the Craic has a very good shot at winning this competition judging by his previous stats. The track at Windsor is flat and straight and the Irish horse has won 2 out of the last 4 similar races it entered. Even though the horse is relatively new in this competition class, the previous track record and the one for similar distances shows him as a very likely winner. But since it’s gambling we’re talking about, nothing is 100% sure and only time will tell.