Horse Racing: How to Choose Your Favorite

Horse betting is very popular, especially in the UK, and it also started to cover a lot of ground in other countries. But, perhaps, the main reason that keeps bettors away from this kind of racing is the lack of know-how when it comes to choosing the right horse. This article won’t make you a betting expert, however, it will get you started with a couple of great tips on what to look out for.

Start with the Trainers

When making up your mind regarding a horse to bet on, start with looking at the trainers. Of course, the ideal situation is when a trainer is already a certified winner that has prepared other winning horses in the past. Also, you can check the record of that specific horse since the trainer started working with it and see if any real improvement happened. If you’re wondering where you can get that kind of info, there are a lot of websites online that can provide you with really specific info and analysis when it comes to a horse or trainer history.


Of course, the difference between winning or losing is made by the horse itself, however, there are certain aspects that can really change things. For example, the equipment used on the horse. First and foremost, the horseshoes have to be in perfect shape in order to ensure total delivery of all the power the horse has on the track. We all know that horses can get distracted very easily, that’s why they need blinkers in order to prevent them from seeing what’s happening in the back or to the side. They only have to focus on going forward with maximum speed. Blinkers can help with that.

The Record for Last Ten Races

Just like we advised you to do with the trainer of a specific horse, checking the actual record of a horse in previous races is very important when deciding where your money will go. And there are a lot of different records you should keep track of. Since no track is identical, you should check the record on similar tracks and distances. Because there are horses specifically prepared for different surfaces or track lengths, they will perform better in certain conditions. This advice can be used only if you have a reliable source for accessing the track record of a horse. Try looking for a pattern or, at least, find the strong point of that horse when it comes to similar distances as in the race you’re going to bet on. When checking out a horse’s record, make sure to also take into consideration its competitors, if possible. If it had to face horses that were a lot stronger or better prepared for the specific race and lost, it doesn’t mean that the horse can’t win when racing against weaker competition.

Health Condition of the Horse

You might think this point is a bit weird because all racing horses are healthy and ready for action when the race day comes. Well, even though their caretakers and trainers do everything possible to make that happen, there are certain situations in which a horse can’t be 100% ready for a race. Either because of over-training or simply a poor intake of vitamins and nutrients, try to avoid the horses that look worn out or just a little bit off. Getting info on a horse’s health is no easy task and this is a skill one must develop through careful observation and horse history knowledge.

Go with the Predicted Favorites

Some bettors prefer to place their money on an underdog or, at least, a horse that doesn’t look like the big favourite simply because the odds are better. Although this tactic can sometimes pay off, the favourites are chosen after a very careful breakdown of previous results, horse record, trainer record, and even the lane on which the horse competes. So, sometimes, it’s better to just follow the herd and go with the safer approach for smaller odds than risk everything by backing-up a horse that has the second chance in a race.

Of course, all these tips are applicable in the perfect conditions in which the punter can stay objective and not develop a liking towards one horse or another. And, even if it may seem weird at first glance, this is something that happens often with really serious gamblers. Either it’s the origins of a specific horse or simply because he or she rode a similar horse in childhood, there are a lot of factors that can make the betting experience subjective. If you’re looking to place only winning bets, you have to go with the facts and digits and leave emotions aside because that’s when you are most susceptible to error.