Horse Racing Events to Look Forward In the Last Quarter of 2019

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Horse racing is among the famous sporting events across the globe. Although there are some places where such a race is not a tradition to run annually, surely, a lot of people know about it. Also, these individuals know how the event works, and that is to finish the race first.

There are several places where horse racing events take place every year. Thousands of individuals look forward to seeing the matches, especially those avid fans and supporters of a particular horse who hope that their pick would win the competition.

A lot of people serve horse riding as a hobby, while several individuals look for thrill and do horse racing as their sport. Indeed, it can provide advantages to people, such as giving them a higher sense of responsibility. These animals need care from people. Thus, humans have a great responsibility for these horses, whether using if for amusement, races, and business.

Every horse rider requires practicing the horse on how to react to every command that they will give, especially during races. The jockey is responsible for guiding the racehorse’ movements and how it will end the run. So, with a great sense of responsibility, one can have a high chance of becoming successful in any circumstances.

Furthermore, in the occurrence of horse racing, there are several races famous in today’s time that will occur in the last quarter of the year. Thus, listed below are a few out of the many prestigious competitions to look forward to before 2019 ends.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

In the search for exciting horse races, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is one of the well-known competitions. This race takes place annually, and individuals look forward to it.

Held at the ParisLongchamp Racecourse, the race held every 5th and 6th of October gives chances to fanatics and supporters to experience an intense event as well as take part in iconic horses’ enthusiasm to win the race.

Moreover, as a Group 1 flat race, horses ran at a distance of about one and ½ miles. Most of the individuals call this event as the “Arc,” colloquially known as the second of the prestigious horse racing in Europe next to the Epsom Derby.

The Everest

World’s famously known richest race on turf will take place in the Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, every 19th of October. Punters and devotees anticipate the competition yearly and thrilled to place their bets while hoping to win massive amounts of rewards.

The Thoroughbred horse race annually runs throughout a 1,200 meters turf. From its inauguration in the year 2017, the horse Redzel won these two years consecutively. Although the race started just two years ago, the award is given to the winners who exceed the famous Melbourne Cup and is known as one of the wealthiest races in the country.

Furthermore, the award pool of the race Everest is rumored to schedule an increase this year 2019 to $14 million. Thus, contenders are excited to run through the event and win.

Breeders’ Cup World Championship

Santa Anita Park will be then again filled with thousands of people as the Breeders’ Cup betting Championship will take an event on the 1st and 2nd day of November. Talented and competent racing horses from the rest of the world will run through the field, aiming to place first in the race.

Moreover, in the year 1984, the race inaugurated, and up until today, it is still one of the anticipated events to happen. Betting is always a part of the competition, and it makes the race more rousing and famous.

A total of 14 horses in each race are permitted to run, excluding the Dirt Mile with only 12 contenders. The higher executives of the event select the participants according to a handful of criteria, including the Breeders’ Cup Challenge Races. Thus, a point-based system and expert judgment are included to further qualify for the championship races.

Malibu Stakes

One of the horse racing activities anticipated to run will occur on the 26th of December.  Perfect for the holiday season, the Malibu Stakes brings so much excitement mainly that it attracts the best horses in the United States as the event follows the Breeders’ Cup.

Furthermore, the competition runs over a seven-furlong distance. Several individuals will gather around Santa Anita Park to witness and place a wager to racehorses, primarily that the race held during holidays.


Horse racing is a phenomenon where individuals gather and allot their time to witness the events. A few of the well-known competitions happen during the last quarter of the year.  Moreover, horse racing run at any place in the world, and people are looking forward for this event to occur as it does not only brings excitement and enjoyment to the spectators but it also caters unity among different ethnic races and classes.