Horse races to be dope tested in U.K.

The integrity of horse racing will be challenged as the announcement that doping tests will be
used at all major races in the United Kingdom. Horse racing officials hope to improve the
integrity and honesty of the sport by adding the measure. According to the British Horse racing
Authority, the policy, which began on September 1 st , will see the top four finishers in all major
U.K. horse races dope tested. After testing the new standards for just over two months, the
BHA was happy with results and will now carry out the policy for the foreseeable future.
Aintree will see the new dope tests and bet365 grand national betting will be more equal for
bettors. The BHA hopes to bring more transparency to the investigations of those being alleged
of doping.

Horse racing – How big is doping in the sport?
Doping in horse racing has been a major problem for years, according to investigators. In May
2018, eight people were found guilty of doping horses in Australia. The conspiracy to dope
horses was called the biggest scandal in Australia’s horse racing history. Investigators found
alkalising agents in the horses tested. The alkalising agents were introduced to the horses to
counter the buildup of lactic acids and delay the onset of lactic acids. According to experts, the
substance gives a horse “a 1 percent edge” in a race.

For years, doping has gone under the radar and it is difficult to tell just how many horses have
been given some kind of drug. It is believed a large number of horses in races around the globe
have been treated with a doping agent to improve performance.

Horse racing – Why is a doping standard needed?
First and foremost, a gold standard doping test and rules will keep horses healthier. The
standards will give them equal, healthy conditions to leave in. It also makes betting on horse
racing more equal. Doping allows owners and trainers to forego the integrity of the betting
industry, horse racing fans, and especially the health of the animals.

Horse racing was one of the first sports in which insiders worried about others doping their
animals. As far back as the 1800s, there were allegations of horse being doped to win races.
Unbelievably, it has taken until 2018 for the BHA to rule that horses in major races will be
tested. But again, it is just the top four horses to finish that will be tested rather than the entire
field. Moreover, tests will be completed after races making punishment retrospective rather
than stopping a competitor from running.

Horse racing – Are doping tests working?
The 2018 Breeders’ Cup, held in the United States, officially announced there were “no
positive” drug tests amongst its horses. In early November, the Breeders’ Cup stated its
extensive out-of-competition and pre- and post-race testing program tested 289 horses.
None of those horses were found to have been doped for the world championships.
Most of the horses were sampled once while a select number were tested twice.

The doping tests will bring more honesty to the sport and keeps the competition on a level
plan. The BHA’s rules should make horse racing more equal in the U.K. Fans and bettors should
be happy with the new rules as the level playing field will make the races more exciting.