Getting Insurance for your Horse

Insurance for Your Horse

This comprehensive policy reimburses you in the event of the death of your insured horse resulting from an accident, sickness or disease sustained during the annual policy term.  This policy also provides coverage if an insured horse requires euthanasia, as recommended by your veterinarian and agreed to by the insurance company, to prevent excess or continued suffering due to an incurable injury or terminal disease. Limited theft protection is included offering protection if the insured animal is stolen and dies as a result.

Your mortality policy will provide coverage while your insured horse is stabled in the United States or Canada including during transportation throughout.  The territorial limits of your policy can be extended to include many foreign countries.  Prior notification and acceptance by the insurance company is required to provide transit coverage outside of the US and Canada.  This is a very important consideration if you are purchasing a horse from another country, or one who will be traveling worldwide.

You will always want to notify your agent or assigned claims adjuster of any illness or injury requiring veterinary care and prior to any surgery even if elective-type surgery.
Failure to give proper notice of any claim or prior to any surgery (unless required to save the animal’s life) could jeopardize your insurance coverage.

Insurance Policy Requirements
The insurance company has specific requirements for placing insurance on your horse.  Once these requirements are met, we will be able to immediately provide coverage. Learn More