Five apps that no horse enthusiast should be without!

We all know this is the smartphone age – if fact, there’s a good chance you are using one right now to read this article. Increasingly, we use apps to organise our day to day lives, whether it’s a social media app to keep up with friends, a banking app to take care of household finance, or even just an app for checking the weather forecast or the traffic news.

It is no exaggeration to say that there seems to be an app for just about everything these days, so here are five that are ideally suited to horse lovers. Whatever type of equestrianism you are into, whether you’re a racing fanatic or a happy hacker, these apps will be right up your street.

Racing apps

The online age has brought a world of opportunity to those who love to follow the races, from the Melbourne Cup in Australia to the Cheltenham Festival in England. There are literally hundreds of android apps for horse racing, but luckily the Gambling app store is dedicated to getting them all in one place and summarizing the best deals on offer. Of course, you are not restricted to only installing one, so make the most of those free bets to win a little extra money.

Hack tracking app

Prefer a slightly more sedate pace? There are several apps out there that track your route, distance and pace on a hack, but saferider is definitely worth a look. As well as all the usual features you would expect, it has a very clever alarm system that will alert your friends if it detects you slipping out of the saddle.

Stable mate

Any horse owner knows that being out riding is great, but all the real action takes place back at the stable. Few people realize what busy lives horses lead and how much there is to remember, with farrier, vet, worming schedule and all the rest. Stable Mate is a fantastic app for keeping all the information in one place. It creates a “virtual stable” in which it can keep track of everything for up to ten horses. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Horse Hub

They say this is the information age, and this app proves it. Whatever you are aiming to achieve with your horse, this free app, created by eventing legend Paul Tapner will help you along the way. It provides a wealth of training videos, books and event information, both from Paul himself and from other experts including Boyd Martin and Brett Parberry.

My Horse

Of course, not every horse enthusiast actually has a stable out back, but in the virtual world, that is no reason to feel left out. The My Horse app is the ultimate in social gaming for those with a love for equestrianism. Take care of your virtual horse, train him up in the discipline of your choice and take part in events. Best of all, you can either help or compete with your friends. Think Farmville for horse lovers, and you’ve got the idea!