Everything to know about the Cheltenham Festival 2018

As the year begins people start waiting for a new season of the Cheltenham Festival. Eventually, March is
about to arrive this year and so is the Cheltenham Festival event. It is an annual gathering of the best grade
horses, their trainers, and jockeys along with horse racing lovers. As it is evident from the name, the location
of this event is Cheltenham Racecourse in Cheltenham located in the beautiful nation Gloucestershire. The
crowd and the site are picturesque making all the arrivals flabbergasted.
All those horse racing lovers primarily from the United Kingdom and parts of Europe make it a point not to
miss this event. Usually, it runs for consecutive four days featuring different types of horse races. Some of
these famous races include Champion Hurdle, Queen mother Champion Chase, Cheltenham Gold Cup, and
World Hurdle. Moreover, how to not forget the prize money which is the second in the row of the highest
prize money.

A view from the previous Cheltenham Festival
The Cheltenham Festival first started off in 1860 and continued till now. However, its location keeps on
changing between Warwick Racecourse and Prestbury Park. With the starting of 1911, the event finds a
permanent spot on Prestbury Park in Cheltenham. Initially, it was a three days event but, in 2005 it becomes
a four days event. Moreover, the game goes through many alterations as per its growing fame. Owing to this
reason many new races added to the list of races. Like earlier, there were five races taking place on each of
the three days events. But the number of races increased along with the number of days in this game. Now
there are six races each day and additional two races making a total of 26 races.
The event mostly begins on Tuesday and end up on Friday. The Cheltenham Festival does not go smoothly
in its entire lifespan. It has its share of controversy. Like, almost 11 horses died as a result of racing fatalities
in 2006. Also in 2012, three horses suffered bone fractures and therefore euthanized from the race. By and
large, this event also broke its celebration streak in 2001. The significant portion of its participants and
visitors are from the United Kingdom which at that time was struggling with the foot-and- mouth disease. So,
the makers and sponsor decide to call off this event.

The Cheltenham Festival of 2018
Another successful year celebration of the Cheltenham Festival is just to begin. If you are horse racing lover,
it’s the time to fly to Cheltenham. It is a perfect time to buy the tickets as the prices will soar later. The event
will commence on the 13th of March. Moreover, the observation also lists the Ladies Day celebration which
is its part for many years. The Ladies Day takes place on Wednesday like every year. There is a large
gathering of beautifully dressed women at this day.
If you ask me what another thing drives a lot of attention on this fest is then apparently the answer is betting.
The betting game is more significant than your imagination. There is an invest of millions of pounds in
betting every year. The 2018 event will also witness a similar betting tradition with the investment of over
600 million pounds. Those who enjoy betting can either bet online or offline since both alternatives are
available. You can check out odds of top horses and jockeys provided by William Hill online and the
complete list of all the festival’s races.