Everyone’s ecstatic for the Cheltenham Cup, but everyone’s more excited to see which horse would Ruby Walsh ride in the competition

Ruby Walsh Chooses Faugheen Over Other Horses Despite Injury

LIVERPOOL, England – Tagged as the top jock in 11 of the Cheltenham festival’s 14 seasons, Ruby Walsh was overwhelmed as he shared with a group of interviewers his delight to ride Faugheen for the upcoming Gold Cup.  

The horse racing star appeared for an interview at Racing UK’s “Luck On Sunday” breakfast TV show. Reporters mentioned a series of well-trained horses that a lot of jockeys would love to ride. But apparently, for Ruby Walsh, there is only one horse that he’s thinking of riding to the competition this coming March and that horse is Faugheen.

It was evident in Ruby Walsh’s countenance that he was excited and thrilled to be riding Faugheen in the upcoming event. However, most of the racer’s fans and followers were intrigued with his decision because, since last year, the news was already circulating regarding the inability of Faugheen to enter any race due to his broken leg.

While people interested in the Cheltenham betting 2018 entertained irrational thoughts about Walsh’s decision, the rest of the crowd were pretty accepting of his racing ways. Apparently, some people have already gotten used to Walsh’s favor for Faugheen over other horses.

Just this past Christmas, the horse racer disavowed the news regarding Faugheen’s weak ankle.

Faugheen gained his fame whenit won the 2015 Champion Hurdle. The Thoroughbred’s success at that time led to plenty more victories. To count, the horse had won 13 out of 14 races. However, in his latest show,Faugheenhas pulled off the race track due to a series of injuries that hesustained.

Other horse racers like Paul Townend described riding Faugheen like “flying a plane with no engine.” None of his co-riders understood why the horse would suddenly fail like that.

Ruby Walsh admitted that in the past months Faugheen wasn’t in good shape. However, the horse racer still believed in Faugheen’s ability to win races. He is firm that before the major competition starts, his favorite horse to ride is going to be back on track again.

Even Willie Mullins who is a renowned horse trainer gives his full trust to Faugheen. According to the trainer, one will never see any other horse as determined as Faugheen. It is evident that the 2015 Champion Hurdle winner is doing its best to heal. As mentioned by Mullins, so long as Faugheen keeps up, there is no doubt that its body condition will be entirely ready by the time the race starts.

Mullins also added that even though Faugheen isn’t known to be the kind of horse to get through severe injuries like that, he still has faith in the horse’s brilliance as a racer. Mullins knows in his heart that Faugheen will pull through.

Rich Ricci paid a visit at Cheltenham the other day and talked enthusiastically about Faugheen. Ricci said that Faugheenis starting to run smoothly on the tracks again. It was evident in his statements that he believes the horse would be ready to compete in a little while.

Faugheen isn’t the only horse standing at the front line. Among the top horses,Mullins has to brag about Footpad. The said horse has known to have an unbeaten record, the same as Faugheen.But in the coming weeks, Footpad will be putting his name on the line as he enters the Leopardstown competition.

Even though Footpad has had its fair share of victories, Walsh admitted that if the higher-ups put Petit Mouchoir on the field, it would be a challenge for Footpad to defend its title. According to Ruby Walsh, Petit Mouchoir had always maintained a record of beating Footpad in the Champion Hurdle.

Despite the fierce competition, Walsh appears to be happy with where everything is heading. Despite the pressure Faugheen’s injury has given him, he said that the game is shaping up to be a good one.

Until the complete healing of Faugheen’s injury, it remains to be unclear which horse Ruby Walsh will be riding in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.But, among his choices is Total Recall.

Just like Faugheen and Footpad, Total Recall also has an astounding record.But for Walsh, the horse isn’t cut up for a competition like the Gold Cup.