Embracing a Modern Trend: The Benefits of Timber Stable Structures

Embracing a Modern Trend: The Benefits of Timber Stable Structures

The current housing and real estate market has enjoyed a significant boost in recent times, as it has benefited from tangible growth and offered genuine optimism for those looking to gain a foothold on the property ladder. While a sustained but gradual economic recovery has played its part in facilitating this, innovation within the industry and the creation of diverse housing solutions has also offered additional opportunities to those seeking a permanent residence. Flat pack and timber housing is subsequently becoming popular across the globe, as it offers numerous advantages over traditional new build structures.

The Benefits of Timber Stable Structures

This trend is also prominent in the mobile field shelter and stable sector, which provides safe, secure and warm structures for horses. Consider the following benefits of timber stable structures: –

The Drive for a Healthier Natural Environment: One of the key benefits of a timber stable structure is that it helps contribute towards a more sustainable environmental landscape. Given the increased levels of social and environmental responsibility that exist among consumers and business owners, timber structures provide an ideal opportunity for stable owners to create functional buildings that are capable of achieving dual functionality. This cannot be ignored in the modern age, even when you consider the influence of cost on the average consumer’s decision making process.

Improved Insulation and Greater Air Flow: The materials used to complete a timber structure and provide insulation are both environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient. As they have been designed to efficiently retain warm air during the winter and maintain a consistent flow of cool air during the sultry months of summer, they offer greater levels of comfort for horses and create a genuinely luxurious environment. Boasting both greater insulation and a more effective air flow, timber stable structures benefit both the wider environment and the individual horses themselves.

Greater Flexibility in Terms of Design: Another key benefit of timber stable structures is their level of flexibility, as they are both portable and extremely malleable in terms of design. Essentially, they offer you a greater level of influence in terms of layout and organization, whether you consider external timber structures or the placement of internal steel partitions. In the quest to create inviting and viable stable structures for your beloved pets or racehorses, this scope of flexibility can make a significant difference and help you to achieve your optimum layout.

The Last Word

Just as flat pack housing kits are taking the global consumer market by storm, timber stable structures ate providing functional and aesthetically pleasing homes for horses throughout the UK. Broadfield Stables remain one of the leading suppliers of flexible timber structures, and are capable of providing both internal and external components to facilitate your build or conversion.