Bob Baffert Holds High Hopes For The 2019 Kentucky Derby Showdown

Photo by Jeff Griffith on Unsplash

On Saturday, May 04, 2019, the race track down in 700 Central Avenue, Churchill Downs,
Kentucky will again be filled with petals of roses as the newest edition of the Kentucky Derby
will take place. This is the first jewel of the Triple Crown Series and winners of this horse
racing showdown will ultimately create a buzz of possibly winning the second and final leg
clinching the Triple Crown this year.

While this year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby about to unfold a few weeks from now, Hall of
Famer trainer Bob Baffert have high hopes for all his entries to sweep the Kentucky Derby big
winning places this year. Clearly, Baffert has dominated the winning streak talking about all
the major horse racing shows in the country. With his two Triple Crowns and five victories in
the recent Kentucky Derby, Baffert earns the highest popularity to win this year.

So, in anticipation for this year’s Kentucky Derby, Bob Baffert had sent out around 13 entries
this year and it includes the strongest contender by the name of Game Winner. Hence, let’s
take a closer look to some of Bob Baffert’s powerful entries this year who can possibly take
home the Kentucky Derby crown.

Game Winner

There is nothing much more to argue when it comes to Game Winner. If you look into
different news media, racing forums and talks, Game Winner earns the highest votes who will
make it to the Triple Crown jewel. Starting off with the Kentucky Derby 2019, Game Winner
has earned a lot of positive feedbacks after he had completed a four perfect winning streak in
Juvenile season. Baffert considers him as his top contender and he has high hopes for Game
Winner to be able to be the winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby.


Considered as the most hyped entry of Bob Baffert, Coliseum has made a big victory record in
the recent Del Mar Futurity. He leads the racing game and was able to get the winning
homestretch measuring around 6 ¾ lengths. Talking about his previous records beings
Tapit’s son, Coliseum has shown big winning streaks in minor horse racing shows and that
joining in Kentucky will help him boost his confidence.


Talking about which horse contender can match the record of Game Winner, Baffert is going
to look for Improbable. This horse racer had major victory records in Los Alamitos Futurity
and Street Sense Stakes. He made three victories out of three runs making it a perfect
winning record for him. Also, he had made an impressive finish in the last year’s Kentucky
Derby and that Baffert also consider him to be one of his strongest contenders this year.

Cruel Intention

Bob Baffert considers him as his strongest prospect to place this year’s, Kentucky Derby. He
made a winning debut in Santa with a hard-earned and powerful win in the recent Golden
State Juvenile Stakes. With his winning records as of this writing, Cruel Intention will debut n
Kentucky Derby alongside with his big entries and hopes that this horse racer can show a
much tougher fight.

Mucho Gusto

After all the doubts and confusion whether Mucho Gusto is running for Kentucky Derby this
year, Bob Baffert has successfully decided to include him on his list. Mucho Gusto along with
Improbable has successfully shown the best performance of their life as they were big
winners in the latest Los Alamitos Futurity. He placed second to Improbable with only a few
lengths behind Improbable. With his inclusion, Bob Baffert is adding another spicy entry to
this year’s Kentucky Derby which will ultimately give a great showdown on the 4th of May.

Count Di Luna

This horse racer is another Bob Baffert’s entry who made a debut in the recent Santa Anita
Stakes. By the time he fought in Santa Anita, it was a hard-earned win for him as he edged his
rival to only a few lengths. Despite the fact the Count Di Luna is a neophyte as he’s going to
debut in the Kentucky Derby, Bob Baffert sees him to show-off an incredible performance in
the said racing show. Aside from that, he is also seen to excel around two turns during the
racing because he was specifically trained for this style.

Magic on Tap

Although Magic on tap didn’t run in any major horse racing shows since September of last
year which may deem to be a bit concerning, Bob Baffert wanted him to take part in the
Kentucky Derby this year. He made sure that he trained him very well to make sure that he
develops a more speedy running technique and give out a hard fight against other
contenders. His last winning records were with Futurity Del Mar where he inched around 4 ¼
length victory.