Are horse racing street courses the future of the sport?

It may sound silly, but one day soon you may watch horse races rumble down legendary city
streets such as New York City’s Fifth Avenue or London’s Oxford Street. Yes, that is correct,
street race courses could be the future of horse racing. There are a number of big horses set
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The man leading the charge for street horse racing is Peter Phillips. Who is Phillips? He is
none other than Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest grandson. According to Phillips, who is the 14th
person in line for the English crown, horses would race on a special artificial surface in major
cities around the globe.

Organisers are working on details for the first ever event. If it takes place, it could change
horse racing forever.

Street course horse racing
Phillips has been working on the project for five years having previously worked as an
organizer for equestrian events. Phillips claims the horse races can use the same artificial
surface material that one of his equestrian events held at Horse Guards Parade in London

The material would allow horse racing to be staged as “pop up” events in major global cities.
Races would be safe for horses, riders, and spectators thanks to the material used and
barriers erected.

The special synthetic racing surface would be laid over paved streets and covered with a
thick layer of sand. This would allow the surface to easily withstand the weight of
thoroughbred horse racing at high speeds. According to Phillips, rigorous tests have already
been carried out on a street at Aintree Racecourse. The surface can be laid and removed
within three days while providing a competitive environment for horses to run.

How realistic is street course horse racing?
The events would open up horse racing to a whole new audience that rarely, if ever, attend
horse racetracks. It could also increase the finances in the sport. With money at the heart of
the matter, it is very possible street course horse racing could become a popular avenue for
the horse racing.

Phillips and his fellow organisers have an ambitious aim to stage six flat races on street
courses. Each race would feature eight runners covering five-furlongs. Due to the logistics,
the courses would be straight.

The races would be run in the world’s most famous cities such as New York City, London,
and Paris. In addition, events would attract the sport’s top jockeys, trainers, and horses to

Some are calling the idea “the Twenty-20 cricket of horse racing”. It could revitalise a sport
that has lost some mainstream steam and make it more viable for the future. Horse racing
could be changed forever if events are held. However, this isn’t the only new concept to
bring horse racing back to the forefront of the sports world.

Although the idea has raised excitement, it seems street course horse racing is some time
off. Organizers will need to engage in extensive negotiations with cities before an event can
be held.