A guide to how and where to wager on horse racing in the US

For dozens of decades, horse racing has become synonymous with many people’s routine.
Whether it be wagering a few dollars on mid-week track outing or donning your lucky socks
for that big weekend chase, it’s long been a favorite pastime for many sports-fans across
the globe and this year interest has grown even more, even prior to Tiger Roll’s history-equalling performance
at the Grand National.

Owing to the relaxation of some laws and regulations in some states, and owing to the growing proliferation of
smart devices, how and where we bet on horse racing in America is changing forever- and that’s good news for us

From wagering online to backing your favorite horse on the move, here’s our new-age guide to how to wager on
the horses and, perhaps more importantly, where can you wager legally online in America?

New apps and immersive technology

The days of circling your picks before heading off to place your bets have long been phased out; however, fear not,
because the advent of new technology has made it even easier before to place bets on the go.

Smartphone penetration in the US is at peak levels leading to more innovation and investment in developing
stunning and immersive apps; particularly in

the sports betting sector where a plethora of the best US sports betting apps have exploded on to the market, most
of which offer some great features for horse-racing lovers.

Relaxing State legislation

Following a break-through landmark Supreme Court triumph for New Jersey, one which enabled residents of
the state to legally place sports bets online legally, this year more and more state lawmakers are set to consider
relaxing draconian online betting legislation.

In 2019, bills will be hotly discussed from states as far and wide as Arizona to Illinois so it’s soon likely that you will
be able to back your horse to win online from the majority of places in the country.

With debates moving fast, and bills being updated all the time, you can follow the latest developments by checking
in with this ESPN map so you can find out the status of legalization in each state.

Popular horse racing online betting markets With more states allowing horse racing betting online,
whether you’re new to placing a wager in the US, or out just want a quick reminder, here are some of the most
popular bets (terminology might differ).

Place- A place bet essentially means you are backing a horse to finish first or second (some bookies even offer
payouts if your horse finishes outside the top two, she show betting.

Although the payout tends to be the same if you back the winner, you’ll receive lower odds for your win as opposed
if you just backed it to finish first outright.

Win- Easy as it sounds, and the most popular wager, just stick your cash behind one horse you think will win and
you will get 100% of your winnings paid out.