5 Horses That Cost More Than Airplanes

When you are planning for horse racing, then most of jockey’s are looking for horses which have good strength and stamina. Without good strength and stamina, it will be difficult for most of the jockey’s to win the game. There are many horses which actually cost much higher than airplanes. In this article, you will get to know about the details of 5 horses which are costly than airplanes.

There is no doubt that horse racing is a lucrative business. If you ever take a part of Kentucky Derby online betting, then you will get to know that people are looking for strong and fit horses. Apart from the sport, breeding horses is another game which is also a lucrative business. When billionaires and members of royalty are involved, then they invested in horse racing. If you check the old tradition, then you will understand that it will give them the feeling of being important. In reality, when you are going to know about the prices of the horse, then you will understand how expensive they are. Here are the 5 most expensive horses are mentioned below which have ever sold


It is one of the most costly horses which bought in the year of 2006 by Godolphin Racing.  The vice president of the United Arab Emirates owned this horse. It is said that he never lived up to the expectations that could justify such as high cost. This highly rated horse is 9 years old now.


Jalil was born in Kentucky in the year of 2004 and sold in the year of 2006 again to Godolphin Racing. It is an American thoroughbred. There is no doubt that it is a better investment because Jalil made his highly touched racing debut when he was only 2 years old. But, he finished the race with a disappointing sixth place. However, it is also true that the horse did have some win in him. Jalil somehow managed to win the Maktoum challenge stakes and ended his career with the total earnings of $327, 324.

Snaafi Dancer

This is one of the most expensive horses which have ever sold, Snaafi dancer fetched a huge amount of money at the auction by the Emir of Dubai. There is no doubt that it is one of the most prolific stud-horse in all the time. Snaafi dancer would be an exceptional racehorse and in the retirement breeding horse.

Meydan city

Meydan city was sold at the auction of the year of 2006 by the emir of Dubai. Along with this, it also continues the trend as highly expensive but poor performance. Meydan City is another bust thus far and having yet to win a race in his first seven attempts.

Fusaichi Pegasus

This is the most expensive horse whichever sold and it is considered as a racehorse. He won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 and it has finished its career with nine starts, six wins, and two losses.