$20m Saudi Cup Is Set to Be the Richest Horse Race of All Time

Saddle up esteemed guests and riders – The Saudi Cup has been unveiled to be the richest horse race in the world. People are traveling from far and wide to be a part of what is known to be the most lucrative international horse race of the year. What a way to kick off a decade!  Taking place at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh on February 29, 2020, the Saudi Cup is the second of three prestigious cups that are setting the racing world on fire. The richest horse race in the world is labeled as such, given the considerable competition prize fund – $20 million.

The winner of the race will be able to keep $10 million, and those who placed 2nd to 10th will share in the other $10 million. This level of prize funding is more significant than any other race in the trio of Cups – The Pegasus Cup had a prize fund of $16 million in 2018, and the Dubai World Cup (which takes place after The Saudi Cup topped off at $12 million. So, the Saudi Cup is giving people in the horse racing community something to talk about!

An International Race
The Saudi Cup is – without a doubt – the richest horse race in the world. However, it’s not the only reason it’s so well known. The Saudi Cup is a significant international race and is the second of the three main Cups. The Dubai World Cup is set to happen four weeks after The Saudi Cup, and it’s something that shows the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to be leaders in the horse racing world.

With each Cup spread four weeks apart, trainers can have their top horses compete. The winners of the Cups can take place in the next one without having to pre-register, so there are going to be strong contenders for each race – and there is more than one in each Cup! The races take place on a dirt track or on turf, which makes the competition much fairer for all horses and riders. It’s a race that can be won from the front and the back, and the confidence that this race is going to be a big hit is high!

5-Star Hospitality
Each race being four weeks apart means that each rider and horse has time to train and rest between each one. Those who are headed to Dubai for a break will be able to attend the Cup in Saudi Arabia and the tickets start at $25 to be part of this prestigious event. The feedback about the Saudi Cup worldwide is showing that people are excited for the Cup to start, which is why the buzz has been building for months now.

There are teams of people behind the Cup’s organisation who are ensuring that the world knows that this is an international race and is being run by international horses. This is going to be a race that brings cultures and people together from all over the world. The horse racing community is vast, but sports enthusiasts, in general, are becoming more interested in what Saudi Arabia is offering the sports world.

An Excellent Opportunity
Those who are going to take part will be able to mingle with the finest racers of the year, and those who are watching the Cup from a distance will appreciate the majesty of a race that brings in the best of the best. Those who are in attendance will be able to show off their cultures, and the runners themselves will be representing their corner of the world. The richest horse race in the world is making this sport one to watch, and the Jockey Club and Prince Bandar are
supporting the Saudi Cup. He will be paying for flights and accommodation for all those taking part, to ensure that this Cup cannot be beaten!

Showing the world what Saudi Arabia is capable of is essential to the organisers of the race, which is why it’s going to be the most lucrative and elaborate contest in the world. Jockeys and their horses are training hard to ensure that they make an impact with this Cup. There is a high level of prestige attached to it – and now you know why.

To be a part of the richest horse race in the world is an opportunity that cannot be missed. You can see what Saudia Arabia has to offer, enjoy the hospitality of the Saudi Cup and really see an event that makes its mark.